It is the country that was the homeland of some of the most famous people in history – from grand statesmen to composers to scientists and writers – Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Mendeleev, Pavlov, Malevich, Pavlova, Gagarin, Lenin, Gorbachev.

The very word ‘Russia’ can conjure up images of the grand Russian Empire and the USSR, the Russian ballet, the matryoshka doll and the fur hat, Faberge eggs, ice hockey, and synchronized swimming.

It is a land of endless open spaces, lakes, seas and 11 time
zones; the northern lights and polar bears; oil, gold and
diamonds; and peoples inhabiting the largest house
in the world.

It is the land with the history of many centuries; generous and hospitable, and always happy to open its heart to visitors!

The most popular souvenirs from Russia


Russian don’t smile a lot, but when they smile, they do it sincerely and truly.

Russians are very hospitable. There is a special Russian habit: staying far into the night in the kitchen and talking “about life” as they call it.

Russians like to celebrate, they use each opportunity to invent a new reason to celebrate and to entertain their colleagues, be it a birthday, a wedding or an upward move in career. Holidays always come along with a jolly feast.

Many Russians prefer to spend their vacations or free time in their summer country houses, which are called “dacha”. They cook shashlyki (barbeque) at dacha.

Russians like sitting in Sauna and dipping into
snow then.

Not all citizens are fluent in English, but they will try to help you in most cases.

Russians are generous.

Russians are used to difficulties, they are patient.

Russians often lay their business aside, and then they keep their fingers crossed.

The country is multinational, so they respect other ethnicities and religions.

Russians like fishing, hunting, picking mushrooms and berries, loading them in stores for the winter.

Russians think that “You cannot understand Russia with your mind”.